Billables > Quality

But then again, what firm with a billable-hour requirement would be doing traffic court except as pro bono?

(Click the image to see the full comic.)

  • Honestly

    Where’s the joke?!

    • Bill

      You have to click on the comic, Einstein. I trust you did not graduate from a T3 law school.

      • Honestly

        Oh really, Bill? Only a 4th-quartiler would find any of these comics very amusing. I would use some Latin to say that “He who draws does not automatically know humor”, but I never took the class.

        • Bill

          Actually, you have to be smart enough to understand sarcasm. They didn’t offer that as an elective where you went?

          • Albert Wang

            Watching you two go at it is like watching 1L Moot Court, except even fewer people care who wins.

          • Ellen

            Your a Dufuss, Wang! This guy is defending you and all of a suden, you take on an aire of superiority?

            Where did you graduate from law school, anyway, and what are you dooing with your life except writing silly comics?

            I would NOT sleep with you. Fooey!

  • D

    I think the joke is that he did great work, but didn’t generate enough billables, so he got fired. Then the stuff that he was so good at didn’t matter for his new job working at traffic court.