Bitter Brief, ep. 01: Prince, Tacos, Strip Clubs, and Swearing

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Bitter Lawyer is proud to present its latest foray into mass media domination with the Bitter Brief podcast!

Bitter lawyers Kimber and Mark, the infamously irreverent hosts of the Down By Lawcast will bring their own special brand of legal humor to you each week!

In this week’s inaugural outing, the Bitter Brief takes on the Purple One’s controversial views on copyright law, Taco Bell’s latest outrage, our Bitter Lawyer of the Week demands a refund for a night of debauchery, our Bitter Lawsuit of the Week ironically argues that tacos could have been instrumental in saving a woman’s life, and you’ll find out what we’re bitter about this week!

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  • P-Nut

    Are either of these “bitter lawyers” actually lawyers?

    When can we expect new episodes of Living the Dream?

    • Sam Glover

      Both, actually.

      We plan to keep the shows coming, but we’re not sure whether Living the Dream will be among those shows.

      • P-Nut

        How can you not be sure about Living the Dream? When buying the site, wouldn’t the ability (both in terms of finances and talent) to continue its premier content be somewhere among your top concerns?

        This would be like buying out Nintendo and not knowing if you’re going to continue the Mario franchise.

        Maybe Lawyerist should run an article on conducting due diligence, and at the end it would have some links to one or two actual substantive articles on the subject, and you could read those.

        The only situation that makes reasonable sense is that the answer is no, Living the Dream will not be back. The writer is probably gone, the actor is probably gone, and you don’t have the technical or artistic know-how to put together a sit com, but rather than admit that you bought a gutted website and risk losing a bunch of loyal readers before you have a chance to make a quick buck based on the site’s residual reputation by cramming a ton of Google Ads down their throats of the old-site’s fans, you just give the vague “we’re not sure.”

        That sound about right?

        • Aaron Street

          If you think those 12 videos are the only thing of value on the site these past three years, you must’ve re-watched them a LOT of times.

          • P-Nut

            I didn’t say they were the only thing of value on the site. Some of the articles were really great, and I especially liked the stuff from Phila Lawyer. But, Living the Dream is certainly the best stuff on the site, and what set it apart from every other law blog.

            And Sam, no, they’re not both lawyers. Kimber sells bar prep materials. Couldn’t find what Mark does, but my guess is it’s just quasi-legal work like basement document coding, and he isn’t working as a real attorney either. Seriously, look into that due diligence thing.

          • Sam Glover

            Not that it should matter, but both of them are definitely attorneys.

  • MSU 1L

    You really hit the nail on the head with the “obnoxious adderalled out exam-time girls.” They are the worst. They never seem to realize though, that roaming around the library and bragging about how much studying they’ve done does NOT actually count as “studying.” I hate my classmates. There. I said it.

  • Sidney Chan

    You guys rock.

  • Juris Depravis

    Fucking loved this. Keep up the good work!