Bitter Brief, ep. 05: Bar Exam Edition, Plus Lawyers in Pop Culture

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In this week’s ultra-laid back, post-holiday Bitter Brief, we share our tales of terror and triumph on the dreaded bar exam, and we tackle the weird and wacky ways that the legal profession is depicted in pop culture.

Share your bar exam horror stories in the comments below! And, we want to hear from you: what is your most/least favorite example of law in pop culture?

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  • Ellen

    These PEEPLE are so SMUG! I cannot believe it! I agree with AMLA on this. Fooey on this! Fooey!

  • Sidney Chan

    Bittter Attorney Kimber – I don’t think you would ever need to worry about that Guano Dubango dude asking you to marry him after listening to this one.

    • Hank

      Yes, I have to agree with Chan. Guano probably is looking for a demure woman who will only open her mouth when directed to, and this is one totally brassy dame with an incredibly foul trap. I am just trying to figure out whether these two are just friends or friends with boning. Can we get an answer from the peanut gallery here?

      • Sidney Chan

        Oh NO NO NO NO NO, I object to the sexist remarks of Hanks’. I have nothing but admiration for Bitter Attorney Kimber for being such a good sport. I have a son who has just finished his 2L at UCLA and I absolutely feel the plight of some of the newly minted JD’s. To hell with this Guano Dubango dude and you guys, Kimber and Mark, rocks.

  • Kimber

    Absolutely no boning going on here, Hank!

    Mark likes his women like he likes his coffee–hand-picked by Juan Valdez.

    • Bill

      Come on. He’d jump you in a flash if you let him. I am sure hoping that poor doosh does not allow the other women to hand pick both of those little beans of his before they let him to stuff ’em into their ovens for roasting and toasting…..

  • A passerby

    Ridiculous how she talks about civilians as if she wasn’t one of them… Maybe she should have that discussion about what’s a civilian is with my military law professor. Some lawyers are so full of it!