Bitter Brief 07: Obama on Weinergate, Forever 21 Sends Stupid Letters, Jobs, and Bar Exam Prep


On this week’s Bitter Brief, we ask ourselves why Obama got his hands on Weinergate. We also discuss the joys of cease and desist letters—complete with French accents—as Forever 21 takes on its biggest critic. And finally, we have anecdotal evidence that the job market still sucks, and advice for any listeners deep in the throes of bar exam preparation!

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  • Guano Dubango

    Mark seems OK and maybe also Kimber also OK, but I believe Kimber is very much– perhaps unduly– focused on the Congressman’s Anthony Weener. But even if she is herself attractive, what a foul mouth she has! She says she was on the law review and tells all of us to suck her balls? Mon Dieu! How is her writing skills? Mon Dieu! My Aunt Ooona would not be pleased if I were to bring her home to my country for a closer inspection to see if she is capable to bear me 3 issue. Mon Dieu! And to think I spent 30 minutes of billable time listening to this? What is this word “ergoe” she keeps using? Please to explain this woman to me, and also to post a nice picture for all of us to see. Mon Dieu!

    • Michelle Beth

      Guano, I would consider marrying you if I like dicks, but I don’t.

      • Guano Dubango

        I understand your point, and am not interested in your rug, either.