Bitter Brief 06: Mr. Law School's Study Buddies and Advice on Trying to Make Ends "Meat"


In this week’s wieneriffic installment of The Bitter Brief, Mark weighs in with his take on Weinergate (not to mention tips on making one’s penis look its best on camera!), Kimber reads the riot act to Mr. Law School for his questionable counsel on picking study buddies, and we offer a counterpoint to Ex-Bitter’s advice to a young attorney who is just trying to make ends meat.

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  • Guano Dubango

    I am a little shocked by the female here being so open about discussing a man’s privates. Should not she be more modest? In my country, a woman would never speak about a man’s privates, except in private with the man in question, and then only when directed or permitted to do so by the man in connection with the optimal use of those privates for procreative activities or for the pleasure of such man by such woman. This is widely accepted to be the norm and the only permissible activites to which a woman in my country can engage in relating to this subject matter.

    May I perhaps suggest a similar frank discussion by this woman of the female privates?

    I originally thought I wanted to date this woman, but my Aunt Ooona would not find her to be acceptable, even if she is highly fertile.