Bitter Brief 10: Diversity, Twitter, and Casey Anthony


The long weekend is over, and Kimber is much the worse for wear after her birthday celebration goes awry, Mark takes the legal profession to task for its shameful lack of meaningful diversity, we have a titter over the Fox Twitter controversy, and our Casey Anthony verdict predictions turn out to be way off target.

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  • Paul Muad’dib

    LMFAO…”Somber tit flashing”

  • Pete

    I like this broad with the big mouth.

    • Ellen

      She is VERY opinionnated, and my advise to HER is to be alot more deferrencial if she even HOPPES to find a MAN to suport her.

  • Virginia Dentata

    Hey, P-Nut…she didn’t even mention vaginas once this episode…that should make you happy!

    • Guano Dubango

      I think you may not have any female parts after all.

      • Virginia Dentata

        I have all the same parts as your Aunt Oona….just with a little something extra!

        • Alma Federer

          I think I agree with Guano (what a name). This is not a female, but one of the gross men I have experienced in law school

          Once a guy like this gets laid, he eases up, but now, he is fixed for bear.