Bitter Brief 11: Sexism, Parenting, and Clarence Thomas Bobbleheads

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In this week’s installment of the Bitter Brief, our perennial punching bag, Mr. Law School, gives us networking “advice” with which we, naturally, take issue. We take umbrage at the sexist undertones of Law Firm 10’s latest musings on marriage and parenting and Matthew Richardson’s equating the declining value of mid-level associates with the declining hotness of women. And, on the lighter side, Clarence Thomas is the latest SCOTUS inductee into a very quirky—but exclusive—club.

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  • Michelle Beth

    Mark and Kimber – Show us your boobs.

    • Kimber

      ( . ) ( . )


    • Ellen

      You cannot be SERIUS!

      Mark is a MAN and Kimber is a Woman. So it is not relavant for you to ASK.

      Beside, why do you want to see these. Are you a woman or a man?

      • Michelle Beth

        Ellen, Go get a life. You are one dried prune, and it’s getting drier and drier. Please do NOT show us your boobs.

  • Aaron Street

    You two really need to get Mr. Law School on your show.

    Give him a chance to defend himself! SERIUS!

  • Paul Muad’dib

    That would be a short show:

    Mark: We are joined today by Mr. Law School.
    Kimber: Welcome to the show, Mr. Law School. So, why do your videos suck so much?
    Mr. Law School: *click*

    • Virginia Dentata

      More like this:

      Mr. Law School: Hey, what’s going down, Kimber and Mark?
      Kimber: Suck my balls!

      • Ellen

        I think this is the same person THAT is as Michelle Beth. Fooey on them for BASHING me. FOOEY! FOOEY! You are men who do NOT have testecles.

        • Virginia Dentata

          Who’s Testecles? The God of Balls?

          • Ellen

            Fooey on you! Fooey! You know what I am talking about! Fooey!