Bitter Brief 12: One Last Freakout Before the Bar Exam


In this installment of the Bitter Brief, we send off this summer’s bar examinees with one last bar exam freakout, things get real with our discussion of a rather depressing job offer, it’s time for bloggers—and, apparently, anonymous commenters—to beware, and one law firm’s unusual want ad lands a Chicago lawyer in deep poo-poo.

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  • Juris Depravis


  • Paul Muad’dib

    Man, these guys are into some kinky shit…DP? Jesus!

  • Ellen

    I think they are to GROSS for me.

    I don’t like it alot when they get into these things.

    I perfer when peeple just stick to the subject mater. Like my bar exam was in Albany NY of all places. I had never even HEARD of Albany NY. It was very cold in the room and all the men were stareing at my breasts.

    Fooey on them. I passed and mabye they did not b/c they were to busy looking at me and not their exam bookletes.

  • Virginia Dentata

    I’m just relieved they are done with that douche Mr. Law School…he truly is the most irritating thing on BL, but going after him just encourages him to keep churning out his pointless drivel.

    • Ellen

      Fooey. I liked him. Bring him on! And you with your teeth, no less! Fooey!

      • Michelle Beth

        Ellen, Shut your trap!!! You non-marital hybrid.

        • Ellen

          I think you are the SAME person as Dentata. GROSS!

          Fooey on both of you! I on the OTHER hand, am very pretty and have alot of men interested in dating me. I cannot say the same for you. You’re name sounds cute, but somehow I think you really are not pretty at all, mabye not even a lady. Fooey!

  • Quadoz

    I love the trashing of Cooley. I went there…and we used to call it the Lawyer Farm. Whatever, I didn’t go there to get firm work. I went part time at night to get my bar card. I still have my night job! I’m building a small client base doing cases during the day.

    They really have some issues with other schools and people knocking them. They don’t realize the more they thrash out at negative comments the worse it makes them appear.

    Oh yeah, good job trashing Mr. Law School… I can’t stand that series. Living the Dream 4 Lyfe!
    City Cop by Midnight, Rookie Lawyer by Day

  • Michelle Beth

    Cooley ranks itself #2 and Yale #10.

    Much like Ellen ranks herself as very pretty and guys can’t stop looking at her breasts. Guano, this non-marital hybrid is a perfect match for you.

  • Guano Dubango

    I need a very pretty woman who can bear me three issue, and live with me in my home country. While this Ellen may surely be physically attractive, she may be too neurotic to be able to handle both children as well as living in my homeland. I also do not believe my Aunt Ooona would approve of her, regardless of her looks.

    No, I will wait for a strong beautiful Teutonic blond woman, much like Elan Woods, who is now free of Tiger Woods. She already has two issue and obviously does not mind Nubian men like me. Alternative, someone like Shakira would be acceptable to my Aunt Ooona.