Bitter Brief 13: Meet Your Bar Exam Neighbors

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The bar exam is over–for most people–so now we offer our own take on the types of people you meet at the bar exam. Also, our discussion of Kymberly Wimberly’s valedictory denial devolves into a very personal exploration of Kimber’s own salutatory struggles.

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  • Guano Dubango

    OMG! The mouth on this woman! She lives for the moment? What does this mean? In my country, women are not so outspoken. This one comes from the State of Illinois? I wonder if she has a boyfriend, she must lead him around and tell him what to say and do. Are all women in this state of Illinois so outspoken? In my country, it is very simple with the women. The men are in charge and the women do not question the men. The women just think whatever the men think. That is so much easier for everyone. Why should these women here be so opinionated.

    The man here is trying to keep up with the woman, but he sounds a little less masculine than he needs to be to keep up with this woman with the foul mouth.

  • I’m Every Woman

    OMG! You are such a pathetic human being. I pity the women in your life….!! Just got done with the bar today…it was nice to just hear this ramble. I’ll sleep :)