• Juris Depravis

    Still stuck on Episode 13. Please update.

  • Virginia Dentata

    Yeah, what’s up, Bitter Lameasses? Where’s the new ep?

  • Sam Glover

    Fixed! Sorry for my editorial sucktasticness.

    • Juris Depravis

      Whatever you say, Mr. law School.

      • Sam Glover

        It’s true, I moonlight as a redheaded New Yorker who talks about chicks all the time.

  • Ellen

    I thought that I heard that Kimbar is MARRIED! If she can be MARRIED, then How come I am having so much dificulty finding a guy who I want to MARRY?

    Their are so many jerks out there, and my father said NOT to marry anyone who is not up to Snuff, and he is right. But so far, only jerks want to date me and NO one has been up to Snuff.

    Where are the DESCENT guys? Do they even EXIST? What a bunch of losers I have met!