Bitter Brief 17: Skinamax, Words with Friends, and the New WWITB Standard

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Things are buzzing on this week’s edition of The Bitter Brief!  Mark takes charge right away to opine on the legal merits of the What What in the Butt parody case, we talk about the latest fun way to procrastinate at work, and then things take a turn for the surreal. If you only listen to one legal humor podcast this week, make it this one! Fair warning, this week’s show is positively NSFW!

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  • Guano Dubango

    OMG, the mouth on this woman!

    • Guano Dubango

      She is far too loud for me. Too much laughing. This woman needs to be more reserved and feminine.

      • Paul Muad’dib

        Maybe if you bought her a box of bees she’d like you.

  • Michelle Beth

    Normal people (probably never was in the case of Kimber) turned bitter lawyers. Bitter lawyers turned bitter porn critics. Who would ever say that law school education is not worth it.

  • Sharky

    I love u guys… So crazy! U should def put up epis. 2 x/w

  • Virginia Dentata

    “So we’re not calling it ‘vag’ anymore, it’s ‘gina’?”


  • Ellen

    I do not want any man asking to see my gyna or ANY thing else unless we are in a serious comitted relationship leading to mariage.

    I really have no interest to see his weenie, so why would I all of a sudden bear my private parts to him?

  • EvilLawyer

    What else are you doing with them, ellen? I mean asusming they are not atrophied?