Bitter Brief 19: Batsh#t Crazy Abuse, Debunking Mr. Law School, and Sexless in Paris

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Get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride as this week’s Bitter Brief tackles a harrowing tale of motherhood gone awry that might actually wring tears from your eyes. Things get back to normal as we debunk Mr. Law School’s claim that he knows the secret to avoid being called on in class. And, we wrap up with a potpourri of nudity and French sexlessness.

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  • Michelle Beth

    You guys are funny. Have you thought about quitting your daytime job to do comedy?

    • Kimber Russell

      Thanks! If comedy could pay my student loans, I would definitely consider it!

    • Guano Dubango

      I am not sure that I comprehend all of the humour that these attorney’s at law are setting forward? Perhaps you can explain a bit more for us, Michelle Beth?

      • Michelle Beth

        Guano, They had you in mind when they referenced mixing lotion with hot sauce. Admittedly the ball juice thingy is really gross, but you’d probably enjoy some from Mr. Law School.

  • Ellen

    Fooey on these peeple trying to take away my lines! Fooey!