Bitter Brief 24: Appalachian Ethics, AM Radio Torture, and the Dead Nude Michael Jackson


To celebrate our one-year podcasting anniversary, we’ve lassoed up a whole passel of legal stories for your listening pleasure! Incest isn’t always best according to this law professor, this lady apparently forgot to brace herself for this bumpy ride, a pic-a-nic turned deadly leads to a lawsuit, and as if it isn’t enough to get arrested these days, some cops are engaging in aural torture.  Also, Michael Jackson is still dead, and we discuss the strategies behind showing this disturbing NSFW picture of his nude corpse to jurors.

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  • Guano Dubango

    If I were to bring this woman home to my Aunt Ooona, I would risque losing my inheritance! She seeks a very favorably inclined female law graduate who is not going to make waves and merely bear me issue.

  • Michelle Beth

    Guano Dubango is not an Appalachian, and I don’t even think consanguinity could have produced an epic retard like him. Maybe it had something to with ….

    • Guano Dubango

      This double-named “woman” obviously needs something that men have been, to date, unwilling to provide to her. Why she would elect to vent her sexual frustration on a legal website, however, is beyond me. There must be at least one man in her geographical time zone who is willing to perform a righteous act of charity with her. If there is one man willing and able to do so, please to step up and be heard.