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Here are 15 more compelling facts from Bitter Lawyer.  We leave the opinions up to you.


Estimated number of attorney layoffs in 2009 according to’s Layoff Tracker.


Number of women enrolled in law school during the 2008 academic year, according to the ABA.

$1.2 billion

Estimated 2008 gross revenue of Greenberg, Traurig according to The Am Law 100.


Number of times an anonymous New York lawyer has tried to sell the New York phone number 867-5309 (popularized by the Tommy Tutone song Jenny, Jenny) according to The New York Times.


Median entry-level salary for public defenders according to NAPL.


Median salary for public defenders with 11-15 years of experience according to NAPL.


Percentage of lawyers who work part-time according to a report on women in the law from Phyllis Horn Epstein, a partner at the Philadelphia-based firm Epstein, Shapiro & Epstein.


Percentage of all part-time lawyers who are women likewise according to Phyllis Horn Epstein.


Amount the remaining partners at Clifford Chance are being asked to give back to the firm in the wake of significant layoffs according to Bloomberg.


Number of law schools in the U.S. having trouble attracting a new dean according to The National Law Journal.


Amount a Houston lawyer is accused of scamming from the government by cashing his dead father’s social security checks according to The Houston Chronicle.


Number of law firms that declined to represent Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis according to The ABA Journal.

$40 million

Approximate fee paid to Skadden, Arps during a four-year bankruptcy reorganization of Interstate Bakeries, which makes Hostess Twinkies and Wonder Bread according to Am Law Daily.


Number of Howard University School of Law graduates employed at Covington & Burling.


Number Howard University School of Law graduates who are partners at Covington & Burling.

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  • Bill Dugan

    3 – Number of Law Firms that offered to represent Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis if he would ensure a fresh supply of wild girls to the partners for “further study”.

  • BL1Y

    1: Number of Girls Gone Wild tapings I’ve been to that were totally lame.

  • Tyrone

    Way to sneak a non-subtle racism allegation, dudes. It may be worth noting that similarly ranked toilets, e.g., Hamline and Gonzaga (alphabetically close to Howard in the US News), have zero representation at Covington. Maybe what’s at issue is not blackness but, rather, general shittyness.

  • Anon

    Tyrone, maybe that’s the point.  they’re pointing out that it’s ridiculous, not that it’s deserved.  so lighten up.

  • Anonymous

    Yo, Tyrone, it may be that they flagged Howard not because it is a school for Brothers, but because it is DC based.

  • BL1Y

    @8:03: The first Bitter Factoids contained similar statistics for Brooklyn grads at Cravath (5 associates, 0 partners), so it does look a little bit like race-baiting.

  • Anonymous

    But is “Brooklyn” a school known for its Brothers?  I am not that familiar with NYC Law Schools, but thought that if there was any schol for the Brothers, it would be Columbia (Harlem + Affirmative Action) or Hofstra.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s as simple as finding out how a lower ranked school in a major city does with a major firm in that city.

  • TbOne

    10:25:  Absolutely right.  The thing is called factoids.  That’s all this is.  A factoid.  I’m sure if there were 10 or 50 partners, the writer would have included that too.

  • BL1Y

    @9:56: Is Howard Law known for having a lot of black students?  I know the undergrad is, but wouldn’t assume the same is true of the law school.

  • Anonymous

    25: the number of guys attracted to the 66 thousand chicks in law school