Bitter Gift Guide: Men

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Generally the more difficult gender to shop for, here are six perfect gift ideas for the guys on your list:

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1. MinoHD: The World’s Smallest HD Camcorder

Flip Video perfectly packages the fun and utility of an HD video recorder into the size of an iPod.  Give this to the guy who has things to record that are about 60 minutes long, and it can be USB connected directly into a computer to upload footage onto YouTube (or YouPorn) in no time.  And it’s completely reasonable at $230.


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2. The Art of Shaving Full-Size Shaving Kit

Believe it or not, shaving really shouldn’t be accomplished in the car with a ten-year-old electric shaver kept in the glove box.  The Art of Shaving’s full-size kit brings a man back to basics with cream, oil, balm and a brush to kill the whiskers while showing the skin some mercy.  It’s a $100 set that saves a good man from looking like the missing link.


3. 2005 Lynmar Quail Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir

When push comes to shove, you cannot go wrong with a well-chosen wine from one of the best pinot regions in the world.  Lynmar Estate in the Russian River Valley produces some of the best lesser-known pinot you can buy, and it pairs perfectly with almost any dish.  Limited amount available for purchase.  Call (877) 282-3441 and ask for Kim or Lisa to receive free shipping when you mention Bitter Lawyer.


4. Metrokane Vertical Rabbit Corkscrew

Pull the cork in three seconds and get the party started.  Any man that is (or pretends to be) a wine geek will appreciate a gadget that lets him put on a show.  Best part is that even a non-wine geek will love it for all its re-gifting potential.  And with a retail cost of $60 from <a style="border: 0;" title="”

5. Ball Park Cuff Links

A little piece of baseball nostalgia with fashionable flair.  As America’s favorite stadiums turn to rubble to make way for bigger and better parks, pieces of salvaged seats from Yankee Stadium, Wrigley, Fenway, Dodger Stadium, RFK, Busch, Tiger Stadium, Comiskey Park or Shea are embedded in these tasteful cuff links.  A spot-on personalized gift from for $150—except for Fenway, which run for $230 because Red Sox fans are insane and will pay it.  Enter promo code PRBL15P at checkout for 15% off your entire Red Envelope order!


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6. Arcona Basic 5 Travel Kit

Skincare—really?  Yeah, so stop acting too cool for a second and listen: Arcona makes it so easy that a guy can use it and still feel like a man afterward.  And sometimes it takes putting a skincare gift in his hands for him to even try.  After that, all it takes is five minutes in the morning and evening.  No matter what, guys wash their face, so drop $87 so they can do it with a little extra somethin’ somethin’.

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