What Every Bitter Lawyer Wants For Christmas, Part 2

Bitter Lawyer is back again with all the holiday gifts you should be getting your lawyerly loved ones this season. Last time we introduced you to the Whisky advent calendar but today we are harkening back to last week’s post: Ten Signs You Are Dressed Unprofessionally.

The holiday season generally lends to a certain group of attorneys who believe it is fun and cool to wear holiday ties (read: 40 to 50-year-old male attorneys going through a mid-life crisis who, oddly enough, also often sport a pony tail). Extra credit goes to those attorneys who wear a tie that lights up on Rudolph’s nose. And, by extra credit, I mean stop. Please, stop. I love a nice tie, but I hate how impractical they are.

That changes today. Ladies and gentleman, without further adieu, I introduce you to The Flask Tie.

Yes. Yes. And Yes. Who isn’t a little bit more productive when you can get a half a pint of your favorite spirit to help you throughout the day.  Normally, a tie on cubical monkeys is like a noose—but not anymore. Now the necktie has an actual purpose. And half a pint! Just the right amount to take the edge off before that big meeting. Get yelled at by a partner?  No worries. Take a couple of shots from your Windsor Knot. Forget about sitting around the water cooler having to blab about the big game last night. Now it will be like watching the game at the bar.

Enjoy your Friday, legalites, and hopefully you get to tie one on. See what I did there—ahh thank you.

Post image from FlaskTie

  • Louis

    Sounds good to me. How about one with two outputs. One for me and one for a friend?