Bitter Lawyer CLE: Week in Review 2

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What Bitter Lawyers have learned this week (August 18-22):

Got issues with your iPhone?  Use it to call someone who cares

Good news is you might get a bonus this year—bad news is it’ll likely be from your barista job

Finally Joe Francis can relate to how it feels to be talked into something you later regret

$1.5 million is officially the most expensive booty call ever

Hating women because you don’t have one to call your own isn’t getting you laid anytime soon

Stiffing the only people willing to stand up for you doesn’t seem the wisest choice

To assault, or not to assault, that is the question

Watch out Billboard charts, Jared Leto is being contractually obligated to make music

Misery loves company more than it loves prestige

Obama doesn’t seem to think Justice Thomas is change he can believe in

NEWSFLASH: Sometimes actors experiment with drugs

In Beverly Hills, even cupcakes are so high drama that they could have their own E! show

Martha Stewart Party Tip #142: A fiancé makes a perfect piñata

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