Bitter Lawyer CLE: Week in Review 3

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What Bitter Lawyers have learned this week (August 11-15):

If the house is a rockin’, don’t bother knockin’–just get an injunction

The curse of The Dark Knight is broken—except for that whole Heath Ledger thing

“Dislikes: Jury Duty” might not be bad to add to your Facebook profile

Some dogs don’t hunt, some dogs don’t act

Mo’ ladies, mo’ problems

It’s embarrassing when you get the pooh beat out of you

Don’t forget to throw rice when the groom makes his grand exit via police cruiser

Bricks-and-mortar porn scams are so ten years ago

One law firm now knows how Omarosa felt

Law school is the new bar prep

You can’t always get what your want—especially if what you want involves rubbing down a pony

You can take the preppie out of the criminal, but…

If the shoe fits, kick someone’s ass with it

Willingness to be treated like grade-A meat can lead to A grades

Hemorrhoids are sort of a strong reaction to fire-and-brimstone preaching

If you’re going to try to corrupt a cop, at least make it worth his time

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