Bitter Lawyer CLE: Week in Review 4

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What Bitter Lawyers have learned this week (August 4-8):

Michigan hookers are feeling the effect of “The Secret” phenomenon

We are living in times where “sweetie pie” can be more offensive than “bitch tart”

The market cost for lawyers is more than a dime a dozen

Mothers everywhere: “Danger lurks after midnight…on porn tour buses”

The International Olympic Committee hardly responds to your ‘roid rage

Always bet on black, death and taxes

Sorority chicks are more interested in cures for anorexia than anthrax

The carjacker of a carjacker is my friend, grasshopper

Just because Ashley’s got your back doesn’t mean the feds will

Why the Saudi government got to be all cock blockin’ and shit?

Sometimes it’s not a bad call to judge a book by its cover

Big Firm Associates at strips clubs can easily be stripped of their jobs

Having John Travolta play your mom tends to make your dad a little aggressive

Law players report to hating the game

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