Bitter Lawyer CLE: Week in Review 5

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What Bitter Lawyers have learned this week:

You’re probably more likely to get a visit from the Prize Patrol than you are to collect from Ed McMahon.

The new Los Angeles: Thanks to the gays, it’s sort of like Mayberry.

Forget Kyra Sedgewick, Lou Pearlman is the real Closer.

Side effects of pedophilia may include jail time, deportation and a one-way ticket to hell.

So much for all that sticks and stones crap.

Rarely is the best defense an army of one.

You can’t expect your paralegal to put out and help you commit fraud.  God doesn’t give with both hands.

If cops are spending their whole workday on Facebook, perhaps they should be ASSIGNED A BEAT.

Cat burglars are sneaky, but bat burglars are blaringly obvious.

Refs who wager on games are always making a bad call.

All it takes is one a cappella group and there goes the neighborhood.

It’s never easy going from old money to nouveau riche.

Life as a stripper in Iowa is both sketchy and sketch-worthy.

Sometimes the law school registration process is a little like buying a bitch in prison.

If you’re equally interested in law AND fighting to the death, don’t let anyone put you in a box and make you choose.

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