Bitter Lawyer CLE: Week in Review 6

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What Bitter Lawyers have learned this week:

We’re no accountants, but two for the price of three doesn’t sound like a great deal.

In the game of life, don’t be a bitch-ass former mayor’s son.

Breaking an engagement can break the bank.

If it looks like a whorehouse and is named like a whorehouse, it’s probably not a fashion boutique.

When life gives you cocaine lemons, you can make lemonade.

Don’t “bat” around your mom and sister.  Clowns are people too.

No one’s more litigious than male lesbians.

As a safety measure, maybe Lorne Michaels should start living in a van down by the river.

Your credit card company is not bound by attorney/client privilege.

Who says Law School is expensive?

“When in Rome” doesn’t apply to all cultural circumstances.

“Yes, it is.  No, it isn’t!” aren’t the lyrics to our favorite Barenaked Ladies song.

Crackheads make interesting spokespeople.

Life in the suburbs can make you forget you’re gay.

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