Bitter Lawyer to Premiere New Web Series

Gregory D. Luce Lawyer, News & Views 2 Comments

When we got into the legal humor business to reinvigorate Bitter Lawyer a few months back, we knew we had to bring original video content to the site. Hell, Living the Dream was a common refrain from commenters, even if the comment had nothing to do with the specific BL post. It became almost like yelling “Freebird” at a CLE seminar, and for good reason. Living the Dream is great.

Which is why we are excited to premiere the Bottom Rung, a new original web series created by comedian, actor, and former lawyer Matt Ritter. Bottom Rung will premiere next week here on Bitter Lawyer. We’ll be posting an interview with Matt shortly, in which he’ll talk about the new series, what it’s about, and what to expect during the season. In between episodes, which currently number about eight, we’ll also post sketches of the regular characters. So, stay tuned. Your chanting of Freebird will soon pay off.

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  • Ellen

    I hope it is interesting. My ex-boyfreind, Alan, may wish to be in the show. He has an accounting degree. I am not dating him any more. Fooey on him.

  • Alan

    Fooey on you too, ex! I am in a torrid relationship with a great woman and remember my mercifully brief time with you as “girlfriend gulag.”