Bitter Lawyer Rules Twitter!

We are the (9th place) champions
No time for losers
Because we are the champions of . . . errr . . . legal tweeters . . . according to, umm, Business In . . . ah screw it.

Sounded so much better in my head.

Business Insider just identified Bitter Lawyer as a legal Twitter star! Check it out. And be like everyone else and follow us.

Post image (faux Twitter bird) from Shutterstock.

  • Quadoz

    Well, look who is swinging the big stick now.
    I suppose this is a good thing….?

    City Cop by Midnights, Rookie Lawyer by Day

    • Jerry

      What is the past tense of tweet?

      • Josh Smith


        Hey, you just wanted me to say “twat,” didn’t you?

  • Jerry

    I don’t want to read it! I want to PIPE it!