Bitter News, 1-22-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

David Iglesias will be re-handling the truth.  In some sort of bizarre real-life sequel, the former U.S. attorney who was fired in 2006 by the Bush administration BUT inspired Tom Cruise’s character in A Few Good Men got a job prosecuting Gitmo terror suspects again.  [Associated Press]

Lab tests of a white powder mailed to Harvard Law’s Alan Dershowitz and the Wall Street Journal came back negative for anthrax.  []

Dropping the “g word” was enough for the mayor’s office to pressure the (now former) head of the Detroit Law Department to resign.  Hearing “ghetto court” was so insulting to 36th District Court Chief Judge Marylin Atkins that she responded by writing and distributing a very not-ghetto, emotional letter chalked full of typos.  []

Columbia Law School is three mill in the hole after realizing it had a Madoff-related investment.  Wish I was endowed enough to not realize for more than a month that I was missing seven figures.  [Bloomberg]

Silence is golden..and unconstitutional.  A federal judge ruled an Illinois law requiring a moment of silence in schools blurs the line between church and state, which leaves first graders in a spiritual lurch as to how they’ll properly reflect on all the amazing things they did that day with paste.  [The New York Times]

Twice as nice!  Obama joins Calvin Coolidge and Chester A. Arthur on the list of Presidents who re-took their oath of office after flubs at the main event.

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  • Typo queen

    It’s “chock full” not “chalked full” of typos.  So, yeah.

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