Bitter News, 1-23-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Harvard and Yale are apparently the two newest signs of the political Zodiac.  And what does your Ivy League sign say about you?  It represents your law school socialization and different theories of governing.  President Clinton, like most born under the YLS sign, was “creative, deep-thinking, [and] engrossed by public policy.” While Obama’s analytically “dispassionate, conservative, relentlessly logical” style makes him a totally typical HLS-er.  I guess.  [The New Republic]

Perhaps a bad mix of both elite signs, Harvard Law School and Yale College grad—not to mention lawyer and accused lawyer impersonator—Marc Dreier finally got bond.  Too bad he can’t afford the $20 mill to post it.  If only he had met some really rich friends at some point in his life who could help him out.  [Bloomberg]

President Obama will be celebrating the 36-year life of the Supreme Court’s upholding of Roe v. Wade by lifting a ban on funding for groups that support a woman’s right to choose.  [Reuters]

Could a lawsuit be the tourniquet that stops Blagojevich’s impeachment bleeding?  [MSNBC]

What does Sarah Palin have in common with the Clintons and President Obama?  They share a lawyer.  Palin is hoping attorney Robert Barnett will bag her a book deal similar to her Democrat counterparts.  [Los Angeles Times Blogs]

Speaking of books, John Grisham’s newest, The Associate, is about a Yale Law student (so he’s totally creative and free-thinking) who becomes an associate at the world’s largest law firm.  I know, sounds like a familiar story, but the difference is the lead character in this book has a dark secret from college and is super stressed at his new job.  Hm, still a little close to home? This guy is going to be played by Shia LaBeouf in the movie version.  Ah, there’s the difference.  [Los Angeles Times]

The Chicago Cubs are being bought for $900 million but still have a chink in their armour.  They’re suing Under Armour for allegedly “reneging on a five-year, $10.8 million sponsorship contract.” [Chicago Tribune]

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