Bitter News, 1-26-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom.

Good morning, and happy lunar New Year.  Too bad that the international economy is still so crazy that even the year of the ox can’t live high on the hog.  [BBC News]

Zoinks for Zsa Zsa.  A lawyer for the 91-year-old Hungarian actress Gabor and her husband says they may have lost as much as $10 million invested with accused Ponzi scheme swindler Bernie Madoff[Times Online]

Mandela, Dr. King, Gandhi, Rod Blagojevich will be making the press rounds on all the morning shows today instead of attending his own impeachment proceedings because he thinks his trial is rigged.  And because who isn’t dying to go on the The View[Los Angeles Times]

Obama’s lofty “Yes We Can” doesn’t fly in a litigious America.  Don’t agree?  Sue me.  [Wall Street Journal Opinions]

The former head of Lehman Brothers sold his Florida home he paid more than $13 million for to his wife for $10.  No million on that.  Just $10.  So you know his neighbors are little pissed to have that “comp” on the block.  [The New York Times]

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