Bitter News, 1-27-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom.

“Brazil” has some dirty talk for you: Tax evasion. Stanford Law grad-cum-professional escort, Cristina Warthen, pleaded guilty in federal court for not letting Uncle Sam in on some of that action.  She got three years probation and a $313K fine for being naughty.  [San Francisco Chronicle]

It’s a hard-knock life for some youth offenders in Pennsylvania.  Two Scranton judges “sold their oaths to the highest bidders” and took $2.6 million in kickbacks from a juvenile detention center in exchange for as many juvie offender placements as possible.  [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

Since Blago claims he can’t get a fair trial in Illinois, he’s been skipping his own impeachment trial to publicly channel the higher power of Oprah in a series of exclusive interviews with the always-fair-and-just media. [Los Angeles Times]

It’s good to know there’s still job security somewhere.  “At banks that are receiving federal bailout money, nearly nine out of every 10 of the most senior executives from 2006 are still on the job.” [Associated Press]

Seeing wasn’t necessarily believing for Paul E. Kay.  The blind criminal defense attorney passionately fought for disabled rights.  Kay, who forced a ban on excluding the visually impaired from jury service, died on January 7th. [Washington Post]

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