Bitter News, 1-28-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom.

Do you know what, other than your ass, is growing at four times the rate of inflation?  Attorneys’ fees in bankruptcy cases. Lawyers at Kirkland & Ellis are charging as much as $18.50 PER MINUTE.  Now even going broke is unaffordable.  [Bloomberg]

“From the ‘Any jokes I would make about this wouldn’t be as ridiculous as the actual story’ department comes this poo-filled courtroom debacle that even Law & Order hasn’t thought of in eighteen seasons.” [Best Week Ever]

How much more has to hit the fan before graduating 3Ls just decide to build a tent city and live together in an urban commune till the economy improves?  [The National Law Journal]

Biden churns out yet another oath by swearing in Hillary Clinton’s Senate replacement, UCLA Law alumna Kirsten Gillibrand.  So now she can immediately commence doing productive work like fighting against the financial bailout.  [Newsday]

What could possibly suck about Kate Hudson paying a visit to your firm?  Maybe people assuming she’s an associate?  [Boston Business Journal]

While we morn the loss of John Updike, who died yesterday at 76, 91-year-old Louis Auchincloss is still churning out material—and his most recent novel is an intimate look at the legacy of a law firm, which, I guess, falls under the newly made-up category of elder-lit?  Geriat-lit?  [Miami Herald]

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