Bitter News, 1-29-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom.

In ghosts of creative collaboration past, John Landis, who co-wrote and directed the groundbreaking video “Thriller,” is suing Michael Jackson.  He claims MJ lacks the rights to adapt the 14-minute video in a Broadway show.  And if someone’s gonna “thrill ya, thrill ya tonight,” he wants his cut.  [Associated Press]

“A promising Harvard Law School standout [and DA intern] told cops during a bizarre drunken tirade that he would ‘lie and cheat’ to ruin them if—as a future attorney—he ever calls them to a witness stand, police said.” Comparisons to being a future Barack easy come, easy go.  [Boston Herald]

Diva alert!  The Whitney Houston of alleged corrupt politics, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, will deliver a closing argument at his own impeachment hearing, which he’s been avoiding due to a whirlwind press tour.  He’ll attend long enough to make his case, but he won’t be taking any questions from senators.  Also, according to his rider, he’ll need three bottles of Evian chilled to exactly 52 degrees and a bag of M&Ms with all the green ones removed.  [New York Daily News]

Tis the season for flight of the rainmaker.  And it’s business time.  (Which, in this case, is different, and far less entertaining, than Business Time from Flight of the Conchords.) Partners start feeling vulnerable and sensing better opportunities elsewhere, and before you know it, everyone’s jumping all over the grid, so it’s important to look both ways before lateral-ing.  []

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