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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom that are subliminally obsessed with Balloon Boy:

• Powerful people alert: Raise your lists in the air, and wave ‘um like you just don’t care.  Loving rankings and lists like lawyers do, three publications have their new stack-ups on regional power out for consumption.  What lawyers rule (or look good trying to rule)?  Let’s explore—and note that those with law degrees not working in the legal profession aren’t included in our mention:

Crain’s New York Business50 Most Powerful Women in New York:

9. Marcia Goldstein: Chair, business finance and restructuring group, Weil Gotshal & Manges

17. Candace Beinecke: Chair, Hughes, Hubbard & Reed

23. Sheila Birnbaum: Co-head, complex mass tort and insurance group, Skadden Arps

GQ’s The 50 Most Powerful People in D.C.:

10. John Roberts: Chief Justice, Supreme Court

35. Dick Armey: Chairman, Freedomworks*

44. Robert Barnett: Lawyer, Williams & Connolly

45. Tom Goldstein: Founder of SCOTUSblog and Partner, Akin Gump

*Armey resigned from DLA Piper in August due to a conflict of interest with Freedomworks.

Finally, what’s more powerful than being a six-pack-abs bachelor women swoon for?…

Cosmopolitan’s 51 Hottest Bachelors of 2009:

Mr. New York: Charlie Vargas, Law Student (Full list here)

• Making it around the law firm email circuit of forwards today?  As it was put to me: “Britney Spears is ‘deceased?’ No…. but her lawyer’s secretary is gonna be…..  A little proofreading does wonders for client relations.” The devil is in the details.  [View Superior Court Doc Here]

• Lots going on with Massachusetts law schools lately.  Two things you maybe didn’t know: 1. The state currently has zero public law schools; 2. Naming rights at Harvard Law are now for sale—and that’s an alumni group that can afford it.  The University of Massachusetts is working on the former by possibly acquiring the private Southern New England School of Law for $22.6 million.  Hmm, slightly more than Western State University College of Law[]

• Rush Limbaugh wanted to buy the St. Louis Rams.  A lot of people hate Rush.  And the Rams suck.  Could have been a good partnership, right?  Well, he was dropped from a group of investors making a bid because of “complication and a distraction” due to all the negative attention his involvement has been raking up in the media.  Particularly about a quote he one time allegedly made about slavery.  Well, it now stands to be seen if Limbaugh will try to defend himself in court.  Legal analysts say he has quite a libel suit building—and CNN and MSNBC are the main focus.  [Fox News]

• R.I.P. Bruce Wasserstein, massive business mogul and former Cravath lawyer.  [The Am Law Daily]

• How to handle that delicate “rescinded offer” situation on your resume.  [Above the Law]

• Vat do ve vant?  Internet access.  Vin do ve vant it?  Now!  Sobeit.  “Finland has become the first country in the world to declare broadband Internet access a legal right.” (Not really sure if that represents a Finish accent.) [CNN]

• Who’s responsible for the correct, well-resulted outcome in a courtroom: The lawyers or the judge?  SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts debated that in a session—and determines how much of a kiss of extra pay a lawyer’s efforts can be worth.  Just wait til they get into the “shadowy world of sadomasochism” in their sex slaves case next year.  [Associated Press]

• How much is that bankruptcy in the window?  Um, a whole eff-ing lot.  “Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. paid its lawyers and financial advisers $402.9 million in the year following its September 2008 collapse, according to documents filed in the failed investment bank’s Chapter 11 case.” [Wall Street Journal]

• Thanks, Roman!  Polanski’s lawyer says the minor-loving director would be cool with house arrest.  Always a gent.  [The New York Times]

• Cybersquaters got stuffed by NBA star Chris Bosh, who was awarded his own domain name back for free—as well as 800 others domains of star athletes.  And Winston & Strawn is holding him up as a slam-dunking cyberhero.  Cuz he’s strong, fast and fresh from the fight.  [Domain Name News]

• How do the top-15 law schools’ faculty rate in a poll?  Read ‘um and weep.  [Brian Leiter]

• Talk about a master of ceremonies.  Supreme Justice Sotomayor officiated the wedding of a former law clerk.  No word on if she headlined the wedding band at the reception.  [New York Daily News]

Variety reports that Tommy Lee Jones will likely direct and costar in The Lincoln Lawyer, a screen version of Michael Connelly’s bestselling novel, which already has Matthew McConaughey signed on to play the lead role as an “aimless lawyer who works out of the back of his Lincoln, and defends low rent criminals.” Ahright, ahright, ahright.  [Cinematical]

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