Bitter News, 10-16-09

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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom as hot, steamy and trendy as a cougar and her man-boy:

• And you thought gays were having all the forbidden-from-marriage fun: Louisiana justice of peace Keith Bardwell is being urged by the NAACP to resign after denying marriages license to interracial couples.  Quick to be the first on the scene blurting out is Law Professor Dan “Caption Obvious” Conkle from Indiana University. “The denial of a marriage license to an interracial couple by a Louisiana justice of the peace was unconstitutional.” So now that we have taken care of… [CNN]

• Booya!  A judge set bail at $100 million to be secured by $20 million in collateral for Raj Rajaratnam, a portfolio manager and #236 on Forbes‘ list of richest Americans, who was busted for hedge fund insider trading, which has become the largest hedge fund case ever prosecuted. [Associated Press via Yahoo!]

• “State Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill said today that the University of Massachusetts cannot afford to take over the private Southern New England School of Law to launch what would be the state’s first public law school. A state with as many lawyers as Massachusetts, and with eight other private law schools, doesn’t need another school, especially given the dire economic times, he said.” Oh, so you’d rather spend money on stuff the state actually needs instead of on an un-ABA-accredited law school?  Crooked politicians.  []

• Headline of the day: “Law school accused of mafia ties.” And it’s awesome because it’s not trying to be misleading.  It’s pretty true.  From the sound of it, Plzeň Law School in Prague seems it’s had it’s share offers it couldn’t refuse.  [Prague Post]

• Now for a moment of un-bitterness: “Stan Harris, the acting U.S. attorney in southern Mississippi, is being deployed next week for military duty in Iraq.” Stay safe.  Fight hard.  [AP via]

• And, just like that, it’s back to da bitter: Bank of America CEO Kenneth Lewis is forgoing his annual salary and bonus because of the legal dustup from the white-shoes at Wachtell advising that federal officials be alerted regarding the Merrill Lynch takeover.  But the question now: “Is Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz going to take a fall? Or is it the fall guy?” Come on out of the woodwork, attorneys.  You’ve been hiding behind deals for too long.  Are you ready for your close-up?  [DealBook @ NYT]

• Crappy economy = litigators’ windfall.  []

• What are the legal ramifications of staging a wild mylar balloon chase?  It might not be good news for puking Falcon Heene and his band of patriarchal merry men.  Someone’s got to pay for TMZ’s valuable time if it was fake.  And watching that kid barf on TV wasn’t payment enough.  But it was close. 

[The Business Insider]

• Balloon Boy’s dad can’t get all the legal attention today…because Jon Gosselin still exists.  And his lawsuit woes are enough to make him want to lock himself into his apartment, curl up with a couple bottles of Ed Hardy wine and cry into his pillow.  JG’s turmoil du jur includes being sued by TLC (the network that produces and airs his TV show) for breach of contract.  Also, Kate’s sort of pissed about the whole thing that got leaked about him hacking into her email, so guess what?  That will likely be a lawsuit as well. [New York Daily News]

• Beware: Accelerated MBA programs may bite.  [Business Week]

• A lawsuit has been filed against a Washington state nursing home accused of neglecting a 97-year-old man’s penile infection, allowing cancer to rot his unit off.  Happy Friday!!  [Fox News]

• “I love it when someone is passing out but they’re still determined to finish their sentence before their head slams into the floor.” For example, this lawyer trying her best to be an intrepid television legal pundit.  Enjoy the weekend.  []

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