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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom to your day, like pumpkin fro-yo to a preppy law student:

• Based on a article on Sunday that profiled four law graduates forced to divert from their intended path in the “brave new world” of a synched legal job market, a site for damn-near-totally bitter lawyers is heralding the report’s following quote: “Big firms typically recruit only from the nation’s top 30 law schools – and then try to skim the best of their graduates.” So why, as “Lawyers Against The Law School Scam” asks, does the media focus so much on those top 30 schools’ transition of students into BigLaw and not devote more attention to those from the other one-hundred-and-however-many law schools who are really struggling?  Well, why are A-list stars and not cable show second leads on the cover of entertainment magazines?  TTThink about it.  [Exposing the Law School Scam]

(News continued below.) A little Ken Burns-effect video project from Exposing the Law School Scam:

• Gone underground.  Quinn Emanuel associates are wishing they lived in a tunnel.  A partner sent an email to the firm’s attorneys following a just-short-of-a-disaster situation with a “relatively new associate” reminding them that unless in a tunnel, in court or sleeping, everyone should check their BlackBerry at least every hour.  “[C]lients expect you to be accessible 247. Of course, that is something of an exaggeration—but not much.” And while intercourse might metaphorically be considered being in a tunnel, it’s standard to check during sex too.  [Above the Law]

• Cravath attorney Jim Woolery is the exact opposite of that salsa made in “New York City!?!?!” that people try to serve to Texans in the Pace Thick n’ Chunky commercials.  “They like me in Texas because I’m from this fancy New York law firm, but I talk Texan.” And people think isn’t room for non-Ivy Kentucky types in BigLaw.  There is, ya’ll.  []

• Covington partner Philip Howard is calling on Washington for a lot less law.  More cowbell.  Less law.  And more flower power.  “It’s about getting rid of law in people’s daily lives.” Too many teachers and doctors are being buzz killed by excessive lawsuits.  The law is supposed to be about being free, man.  That’s some heavy shit.  [CBS News]

• Lindsay Lohan would like to ditto Philip Howard.  That judge who’s not allowing Li-Lo to just bounce on her probation is bumming her trip.  [The Sun]

• Former death row attorney Tom Dunn stopped trying to keep needles out of the arms of inmates awaiting execution and decided to try to keep needles out of the arms of at-risk youth as a middle school teacher and mentor.  [The New York Times]

• You think you know, but you have no idea.  This is the diary of Sonia Sotomayor and her nomination process.  (Hint: The gov. picked out her clothes.) [Associated Press via ABA Journal]

• Is the suspense killing you yet?  It won’t be til next week that we find out if Balloon Boy’s family will face charges.  The Heene family attorney, David Lane, claims they can’t wait to turn themselves in if they are charged with the possible class 4 felonies.  [Associated Press]

• Want to get high, so high?  Keep within the lines of state laws that allow marijuana use for medical purposes, and the Justice Department isn’t going to sniff you out.  [The New York Times]

• The white, sandy beaches of Hawaii will be a little busier on Fridays.  They’ll be filled with local kids because of a new budget-cutting union contract that closes schools on Fridays for the remainder of the academic year, which is about 17 days.  The plan is to go forward with the furloughs despite the threat of a class-action lawsuit claiming the state is failing to provide necessary special education services under federal law.  The good news: The contract removes random drug testing for teachers, and Obama’s home state gets to remain ranked “47th in the nation in eighth-grade reading and math.” Hang loose.  [The Guardian | Honolulu Advertiser]

• Don’t believe all the hype.  You’re really not that bad of a person.  [Harrison Barnes]

• “This firm may be recorded or monitored for quality assurance.” Those disclaimers might not be too far off given a new ranking system The Association of Corporate Counsel will introduce Tuesday.  The results will consider six criteria, including asking “corporate counsel whether they would hire a particular firm again.” [The Am Law Daily]

• Hey, Judge Keith Bardwell, any regrets about denying a law license to that interracial couple?  Guess not.  Stay classy.  [San Francisco Chronicle]

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