Bitter News, 2-11-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom to distract you from riding the chutes of Wall Street:

Julie Kamps got burned at Fried, Frank, and now she’s trying to roast them right back.  She filed a complaint about there not being any gay partners at the firm and for not developing its female talent.  She probably should have griped about the alleged lack of cultural food options and the bathroom toilet paper roughness while she was at it, but I’m pretty sure they charge by word on those damn press releases.  []

It’s sue or be sued for Plaxico Burress, who’s suing the Giants for $2 million in lost salary.  And for never sending an “We’re sorry you shot yourself” bouquet.  [Newsday]

Despite going against many republicans who want to abort porn, pornographers and abortionists representative David Ogden is expected to be confirmed as deputy attorney general by the judiciary committee.  [CNS News]

OMG, do u promise you won’t tell anyone?  It’s a secret.  Facebook paid ConnectU $65 millsky to go away after they accused them of stealing their idea.  Can u believe it?  Woops, guess I spilled the goods.  You’d think I’d know better, being that I’m a law firm and all.  [Los Angeles Times]

Seemingly killing two birds with one stone, solicitor general nominee Elena Kagan was questioned like a potential Supreme Court justice during her confirmation hearing.  It was everything short of asking to model a long, flowy, black robe.  [Fox News]

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