Bitter News, 2-17-09

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom, since the coast is now clear of attack chimps:

Downer alert: Lawyers are twice as susceptible to depression than the general population and 3.6 times more than employed people.  And male lawyers specifically?  Forget about it. You’re a breeding ground for disillusionment.  []

Are we all being p3wned by Facebook?  Do they own us?  Is their new Terms of Use “not unusual” for the Internet, or have we relinquished ourselves to the social networking site forever?  [The New York Times]

Perhaps I should save all questions for tomorrow’s “Ask a Lawyer Day.” [Triangle Business Journal]

In accordance to the current American trend, change is coming to The American Bar Association.  They’ve nominated Stephen N. Zack as their new President-elect, which means he’d would be the first Hispanic hold the office.  If he can wait until August 2010.  [South Florida Sun-Sentinel]

318 days until World Series of Beer Pong V.  Former Chicago intellectual property associate Billy Gaines is the event’s founder and making a biz out of the drinking game that’s been getting co-eds sufficiently drunk in frat houses for years.  [Am Law Daily]

Just as we mentioned an online review site for escorts in today’s exclusive story, there’s now a Yelp-like way for Massachusetts lawyers to post comments and review judges at[Gloucester Daily Times]