Bitter News, 2-18-09

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Status Update: Facebook is…reverting to my old Terms of Use since everybody freaked the f*%k out so badly.  Chill people.  [Associated Press]

With almost fortuitous timing comes the newest sex-for-cash headline story that may have played out differently if the john had been a “perfect customer” lawyer.  It’s the age-old story of man hires hooker, man falls for hooker, hooker leverages the power of her vagine to blackmail man, man plays ball, hooker wants more, man can’t handle and goes to authorities, authorities protect man’s identity and put the bolts to the hooker for extortion.  []

Sen. Roland Burris—Take 4!  And then maybe just think about going ahead and resigning.  [Chicago Tribune]

See that red flag?  Those colors run.  A Proskauer Rose attorney’s withdrawal from Allen Stanford’s alleged $8-billion fraud tipped off the SEC and has everyone insisting, “Gimmie my money.” [Bloomberg]

Trump and his flashy casinos got lassoed and hogtied in Chapter 11 down at the OK bankruptcy corral.  [Am Law Daily]

Being an NYU Law School dropout is Demetri Martin‘s least interesting bit of material.  []