Bitter News, 2-20-09

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom that make your mom significantly prouder than The Dirtiest Girl in Porn’s:

For two attys, the bigger they are, the harder they fall—sort of literally…

1.  “Doughy” Pillsbury lawyer, Bob Robbins, head of the firm’s corporate and securities practice, got Gawkered after a tipster reported him for jabbering into a tin can with a string Bluetooth so loudly on an Acela train that he leaked yet-to-be-announced layoffs.  And ATL had no problem throwing him under the train he rode in on.  [Above the Law]

2.  Watch out, Dreier, you’ve got some steep lawyer-impersonating competition.  Only this one went down hard and has a penchant for Hillary Clinton.  (Sorry, Hill, that’s not a sexual innuendo.) An abogado maybe.  But Mauricio Celis is definitely not a lawyer.  [Houston Chronicle]

Roland (Dis)Bar-ris?  People are calling not only for the Senator’s resignation but for his law license too.  [Chicago Sun-Times]

We’re all wondering what will to become of the mighty Anteaters of Law after their grand opening this fall, but they’ve already hit the ground running as the 10th-ranked law school according to a “scholarly impact rating.” [Brain Leiter’s Law School Rankings]

Nothing says “Dare to dream” quite like Anita Cannibal’s hopes of owning a law practice and a brothel of her very own.  Remember her?  She’s the 39-year-old West Los Angeles School of Law student and who hooks at Nevada’s Chicken Ranch.  [Los Angeles Times]

Hey there, laid-off lawyer, get your spirit and your chutzpah back by referencing a website—or 30.  And with sites like Mint, Workstir and Pentyoffish, it’s sure to be a well-rounded jobless experience.  [Mashable]