Bitter News, 2-23-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom, whether or not your law school is retiring in Florida:

Promptly closing shop at 5:00 PM got Texas’ “top criminal judge” charged with failing to ensure proper access to the legal system and eroding public confidence in the fairness of judges for an incident with a lawyer seeking a last-minute delay for a client’s execution.  []

A top grad at a top law school?  Quit your bellyaching.  It’s all bueno for Big Firm jobs.  [The National Law Journal]

It’s not just Law Firm 10 who’s begging female attorneys to spruce up their look.  In these lean economic times, U.K. firms have brought in the big guns as a “perk” to teach lady lawyers to “embrace their inner femininity.” There’s a woman in there somewhere.  They swear.  [The Delaware Employment Law Blog]

Damn, who knew refusing to condemn waterboarding as torture was going to come back to haunt him so much?  UNC Law School’s pick of former Bush-administration Attorney General Michael Mukasey as commencement speaker is going over, well,…it isn’t going over.  [Myrtle Beach Online]

A gorilla law student in his natural habitat as observed by Diane Fossey?  My guess is that as long as the subject doesn’t go crazy and rip someone’s face off, it’s going to be pretty boring.  [Virginia Law Weekly]

We declare Junichi Semitsu the first Asian American Bitter Lawyer identified on this site.  Because we think Do the Right Thing got robbed by the Academy too.  [Angry Asian Man]

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