Bitter News, 2-24-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom for fat Val Kilmer’s Fat Tuesday pleasure:

He might be willing to predict her time of death, but thank God Sen. Jim Bunning isn’t engraving RBG’s headstone.  He misspelled her name twice in his letter of apology for referring to her as good as dead.  It’s not Ruth Ginsberg.  And Barbi reminds you that it’s not Ruth Gerber either.  []

The “mega-firm business model” is feeling serious strain.  The sky and profits are falling all over BigLaw’s creation (Proskauers, Cravath), and some are doing a lawyer dump round two.  But get some perspective already!  [Adam Smith, Esq.]

Who’s the man behind the man?  Madoff couldn’t have gone it alone.  [Bloomberg]

The textbook economic model is guns and butter, but one lawyer thought trading in guns and drugs was more complimentary.  Till he got arrested for possession of methamphetamine and more than 30 firearms.  [Los Angeles Times]

We chide lazy children.  We wish they showed some entrepreneurial spirit.  And everyone should be more self-sufficient, right?  So what kind of message are we sending our kids when we bust and arrest sweet sixteeners like Jazmine Finley and Tatiana Tye for starting a small, mom-and-pop prostitution business?  [Fox News]

Strippers.  Customers.  Six-foot buffer.  Moral crusade.  Settle out of court.  [MSNBC]

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