Bitter News, 2-26-09

Phew, Tiger’s back.  Now how about some quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom?:

How did one woman contract herpes?  It wasn’t from playing beer pong!  In a landmark verdict, a jury awarded nearly $7 million to a 56-year-old woman infected with incurable genital herpes after sexual contact with a 77-year-old man.  The man knew he’d been infected for 25 years but failed to disclose it prior to their relationship.  I guess if you live as lavishly as the Valtrex advert people, it can easily slip your mind, but honestly, is $7 million nearly enough?  [Fox News]

And this will make you want to wear a body condom: According to the Charlotte H Social Club for STD infectees (FUN!), one in four adults have genital herpes.  Happy dogging[Creative Loafing]

Matthew Richardson isn’t the only one playing the race card this Black History Month—it’s everywhere these days.  While Rupert Murdoch is trying to stuff it back in the deck, the NAACP isn’t so willing to call it a misdeal.  (And let’s not even discuss the royal flush that is the watermelon patch at the White House.) But Obama isn’t the only one in Washington feeling burned by discrimination, Yolanda Young, a former Covington & Burling associate, filed a suit against her former firm.  Complete with blog play-by-play.  As Spike Lee would say, Do the Right Thing—and be careful about what lawyers you owe favors[Am Law Daily]

Of the 56,481 law school applications so far this year, 6,169 of them belong to Penn Law, which is a 6% increase.  An exact percentage increase of their head size over the situation is TBD.  [The Daily Pennsylvanian]

Attorney General Eric Holder gives five stars to an exclusive Cuba B&B called Gitmo, lauding the people and facilities. [CNN]

When your flight turns into a cruise and you survive, do you sue?  “In apparent confirmation that America remains the most litigious society in the world, Kreindler and Kreindler, a New York law firm, says it has been contacted by passengers of Flight 1549 about claiming damages for post-traumatic stress disorder.” Damn geese.  [Times Online]

Courtesy of Solicitr, we discovered the addictive fun of Partner Doppelgangers and Associate Photo Captions.  Enjoy.  [Litination]