Bitter News, 3-12-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom, since you have the time post “going Galt”:

Madoff goes to jail immediately after pleading guilty.  Sentencing on June 16.  (He showed up to the courthouse in a Kia.  Sort of random.) And he’s already being dubbed a prison bitch.  [Associated Press]

Jailed since the incident, the Iraqi journalist was sentenced to three years in prison—or 1.5 years per shoe—for chucking his footwear at President Bush while he was on official business.  [The New York Times]

The First Amendment v. the cover girl.  A Vogue model openly weeps in court when her lawyer reads all the “skank” comments made about her on the “Skanks in NY” blog in her suit against Google to identify the commenter and remove all the hurtful mentions of her online.  Slander or free speech?  [New York Daily News]

In the circle of lawyer life, when firms stop legal searching, the legal searcher starves.  Brother, can you spare a lateral?  [Am Law Daily]

And it’s impossible to forget, but it’s still really dark out there for lawyers and law students alike.  At least Michael Phelps can keep a few wayward legal types nourished if they get the munchies.  [Law Shucks | The Shark]

And because everyone else keeps talking about it:

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  • Anonymous

    You’d think that a-wipe would be able to afford a haircut with the billions that he stole.