Bitter News, 3-18-09

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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom that will make you surrender quicker than Madoff’s accountant:

Is Jim Cramer getting an unfair shake in this Daily Show/CNBC feud? (Funny that Jeff Zucker thinks so.) There may be a backlash. And a couple interesting facts: Jon Stewarts real surname is Leibowitz, and his brother is head of US Markets & Global Technology at NYSE Euronext.  Just to chew on.  [New York Post]

Curiosity is killing the cat.  And by “cat,” I mean “justice system.” Jurors are doing their own research.  And oversharing.  Google research, Facebook posts and tweets on the overly hyped Twitter (yeah, I said it, but follow us anyway!) aren’t boding well for trials.  Sadly, the compromising of our justice system isn’t nearly as interesting to most as, say, Twitter compromising the NBA.  “Coach wants more toughness.” Jigga wha?!?!  [The New York Times]

The DOJ is suing a law firm for not re-hiring an attorney who was away for over a year serving the National Guard in Iraq.  Classy.  [The Chicago Tribune]

T. J. Duane is the man’s Law Firm 10.  He quit his long-hours job as a corporate lawyer at Willkie Farr & Gallagher because his ladies kept quitting him.  []

New York’s fake-pension-selling lawyer Marc Dreier was indicted for money laundering.  And now he needs to forfeit $700 million worth of property to America.  I’ll take the Hamptons estate, and the rest of you can fight over the Lichtensteins and Picassos. [Reuters]

In Minnesota’s US Senate battle royale, if the court rules that Al Franken wins, he wants his opponent to cover his lawyer fees and court costs.  []

Law firm lays offs make you sick?  Well, what if being too sick makes you laid off?  Attendance records are being considered at UK firms looking to unload associates.  [ABA Journal]

“The less genteel side of yacht racing.” Apparently there is one.  Lawyers have the fate of America’s Cup in their hands in a dispute over the “Deed of Gift, a 1,200-word legal document penned in 1887.” Just the legal woes of billionaire boys and their seafaring toys.  []

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