Bitter News for March 2, 2009

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom that are just as “in like a liona BIG lion” as March:

“The Nebraska State Court of Appeals has dismissed a lawsuit filed against God by a former State Senator” because courts can’t figure that hypothetical God mumbo-jumbo.  Or as economic doomsday, Nebraska native Warren Buffett once said, “In God we trust; all others pay cash.” [The Inquisitr | Overlawyered]

1,798 lawyers laid off so far in 2009, one job for a legal eagle at a major corporation posted.  Who wants to do antitrust for Micosoft’s Windows 7?  [InformationWeek]

Prosecutors have taken an interesting legal angle in bringing Barry Bonds to steroid justice.  Or, basically, they know they’re screwed without the juiced-up doping evidence a judge excluded.  [USA Today]

Despite Texas Supreme Court Justice Nathan Hecht’s ethics complaint being dismissed, collectively, judges didn’t have a great week last week.  Obstruction, sex crimes, impeachment rumors, discrediting the court…and the secretarial burden of babysitting?  The judiciary just went too far there.  [Slate]

March Madness will (thankfully) soon be upon us, which means it’s the only time of year the word “Gonzaga” is ever relevant in a conversation.  So we take this special NCAA opportunity to introduce you to the best-friend editors of the Gonzaga Law Review.  []

Apparently Bill Dugan doesn’t only “inflame” Bitter Lawyer.  [Nashville Scene Blogs]

Remember the patent lawyer-turned-furniture installer who won our Bitter Lawyer Holiday Giveaway?  Well, at least he got a gift bag for it.  []