Bitter News, 3-23-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom sweeter than the Sweet 16:

“Bankers, blech!” Remember when you used to be seethingly jealous of your banker wanker friends on Wall Street?  Now, aside from movies, they’re the real-life villains who’ve fleeced America and kept the profits.  People want to “Eat the Bankers” in no small portions, and the media is currently serving them up for a snack.  [Chicago Tribune]

U.S. screw ups are over-the-pond’s riches.  “U.K. regulatory lawyers advising clients on the financial crisis and scandals like those involving Bernard Madoff bill as much as 1,000 pounds ($1,440) an hour—50 percent more than mergers-and-acquisition lawyers did during a takeover boom two years ago.” [Bloomberg]

A documentary film called Hillary: The Movie is now the subject of a Supreme Court free speech case testing the McCain Feingold Campaign Finance Reform law provisions against campaign ads that were set to run during Clinton’s presidential campaign. [The Washington Times]

“Homogeny breeds stupidity. And that takes us to the state of BigLaw.” Old, white and fat hires younger, white and soon-to-be fat to continue living the BigLaw cycle.  Womb to tomb.  [Stuff Biglaw Associates Like]

Big Texas has a small mouth when it comes to attorney layoffs, which is forcing speculation over exactly how many Lone Star associates have been told that their office has been relocated to the basement of the Alamo[Am Law Daily]

No high-roller lifeguard on duty.  An Indiana court found a compulsive gambler responsible for her debt after losing $125,000 in a single night at an area casino.  But she claims the casino focused their promotions on her (sending a car and allowing huge wagers) knowing she was a reckless better and had just inherited $1 million.  [Chicago Tribune]

Who says law school doesn’t lead to a career in business?  Combine that with a focus on the body, and you’ve got a couple of…interesting…representatives for the profession.  For the women there’s “Saphira,” a Georgetown-educated lawyer turned belly dancer.  Meanwhile, Brooklyn attorney “Belly Boy” Kupfer is a Fat Bastard looking to break the “white fat man” state of BigLaw homogeny.  He and three other tubby dudes tease, bully and heavily fine each other into losing weight.  [Washington Post | New York Daily News]

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