Bitter News, 3-23-10

Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom that suck as badly as the hired DD getting wasted at a frat party:

Oh, Canada. With it’s funny bacon and laws.  Because there ain’t no party like an Ann Coulter party—so when you add a slice of the Great North, it’s a real barnburner.  Conservative pundit Coulter is calling herself the victim of a hate crime after receiving a letter from an administrator at the University of Ottawa for allegedly threatening her with legal action if she didn’t address students with “restraint, respect and consideration” at a scheduled on-campus appearance.  So she’s returning the favor by filing a grievance with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.  [WSJ Law Blog]

• Buy a vowel.  Buy law school!  Vanna literally turned Victoria Smith’s pending law school debt into a full ride when Smith and her mom won $100,850 on Wheel of Fortune.  R, S, T, L, N, E, JD—congrats, Vicky.  [San Jose Mercury News]

• Another way to try to pay for law school is netting a huge group of followers (76,000-ish) on Twitter, like Rex Gradeless, and then charging brands $174 to tweet to your clan reminders to eat Tony’s Pizza.  But check yourself before you wreck yourself: Legal-less twits like Audrina Patridge get $2,353 a tweet for their product pushing.  [Legal Blog Watch via ABA Journal]

• Don’t have any Twitter flow and maybe feeling some “undue hardship” regarding your law school student loan payments?  SCOTUS ruled unanimously today in favor of an Arizona man whose student loans were dismissed in a bankruptcy proceeding, “even though he had not proved repayment would have caused him an ‘undue hardship,’ as is normally required.” [USA Today]

• Michelle (Bombshell) McGee and Tiger Woods’ horde of alleged mistresses should be thankful that jilted Sandra and Elin live in the states they do.  A North Carolina woman was awarded $9 million in a lawsuit filed against her husband’s alleged ex-lover for “alienation of affection,” which is a case law that’s only on the books in a few states.  [ABC News]

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• Speaking of Sandra, our post yesterday about how representing either Bullock or James in a divorce battle would be epic for any lawyer’s career seems is coming to fruition.  Per TMZ, they’re shopping for divorce attorneys.  And Bullock seems to be leaning towards celebrity splitter Lance Spiegel

[San Francisco Chronicle]

• Going to blow smoke up a judge’s robe?  Better be sure he can’t prove you wrong in a few simple keystrokes.  Don’t think it’s cool for a judge to google evidence during court proceedings?  Manhattan Federal Judge Denny Chin “went to the search engine to confirm a hunch about a piece of evidence” during a bank robbery trial, and an appeals court said that Chin did not violate federal evidence rules by doing so.  Booya.  [New York Daily News]

• “Ann Israel is the legal profession’s Dear Abby.” Does that mean she answers advice questions better than Ex-Bitter or PhilaLawyer—or Law Shucks?  Hardly.  First of all, they would never tell an eight-year lawyer seeking a job that he’s “looking for law in all the wrong places.” [New York Law Journal]

• Sorry, I just can’t pass up any story about lawyers getting physically attacked in court by their own clients.  (Recently here, and, more famously, below.) It would be like not laughing when people fall or something.  Ronald Dolak took a couple lumps from Quentin Moore, who he was defending on murder charges.  A lucky new lawyer is being found—and Moore will look awesome at his next court appearance in a “Hannibal Lecter contraption” where he’s chained into a special security chair.  [Chicago Tribune]

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