Bitter News, 3-24-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom that, like National Puppy Day, are so cute you can’t beat ‘um off with an eyebrow trimmer:

Gay rights are making inroads in New England, with Vermont looking to join Massachusetts and Connecticut in approving same-sex marriages, but what about the whole country?  I guess it depends on U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s alleged fear of homosexuals. U.S. Rep. Barney Frank suggested that “homophobe Antonin Scalia” is nationally standing in the way of the Marriage Act.  [ABA Journal]

How much societal pressure would it take for you to refuse millions of dollars?  “Nine of the top 10 recipients of bonuses at American International Group Inc. (AIG) agreed to give back the money and half of the total $165 million paid may be retrieved, said New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.” That tenth recipient likely feeling a little like the tenth little Indian. [Bloomberg]

R.I.P. Wolf Block.  But maybe you can be like defunct Heller Ehrman and still get ranked “Most Diverse.” []

The throngs of well-educated masses nursing significant student loan debt have created a self-serving nougatty center wrapped in an economic-interest candy shell: A Facebook group called “Cancel Student Loan Debt to Stimulate the Economy.” Started by a former law student, the group is almost 140,000 poor and strong.  []

BigLaw: Is not what you are, it is just where you are.  A phrase you can take straight to  [Leverage for Lawyers]

Bankers are taking their boozy ways into rehab.  While white-collar women are taking their employment woes to the strip club—as strippers.  Fast cash and flexible schedules have the porn industry seeing record applications from not-your-typical types in an effort to make ends meet.  Which could make them huge in Baptist states—but not so much on Sunday.  []

Maybe all that stripping is why equal pay claims lodged by female workers has fallen sharply since the recession.  []

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