Bitter News, 3-25-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom luckier than Inmate 61727-054:

It’s Britney, bitch.  And a roster of lawyers potentially bleeding her dry, bitch.  The pop star is getting speared with legal fees over the last 14 months as more than 17 lawyers have billed at least $2.7 million to keep her operational.  [Los Angeles Times]

The Redskins apparently aren’t enough of a Washington presence for the NFL.  They’ve hired a lobbyist to help communicate their interests in the capital.  [USA Today]

Facebook poached a specialist from the ACLU as its new director of public policy.  He’s legislated several privacy issues before in the interest of civil liberties, but he has yet to face the wrath of Facebook members scorned.  What’s with that new format anyway!?  [ via Washington Post]

Closing arguments AGAIN in the Phil Spector murder trial.  And the jury needs to make a “Wall of Sound” and unanimously convict.  The co-writer of “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’” is accused of, well, sort-of losing that loving feeling and killing actress Lana Clarkson.  [Reuters]

Representing Mel Gibson and the archeological discovery of an ancient city and a frankincense trade route make for a pretty interesting life.  Hollywood lawyer George Hedges died at 57.  []

Titanic spoiler alert: The ship sank.  Now a U.S. district judge and maritime jurist is deciding the fate of the 5,900 Titanic artifacts and the wreck site 2.5 miles under water in le Coeur de la Mer.  [Detroit Free Press]

Harold Hongju Koh, Yale Law School’s dean, has played Monday-morning quarterback long enough, and now it’s his time to show what he’s got.  “The most vocal critics of the Bush administration’s approach to the detention and trial of terrorism suspects” has been chosen by Obama to be the top lawyer at the State Department.  [Los Angeles Times]

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