Bitter News, 3-27-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom that you should hurry up and read before Earth Hour:

Imagine you’ve had a wonderfully enjoyable night of genital mutilation and being whipped like a bitch when something bad happens—your trusty dominatrix, her husband and several lawyers use your identity to be a straw buyer in a $50-million mortgage fraud.  Now that’s a real kick in the nuts.  []

Commenters debated whether a hypothetical BigLaw partner’s $2,000,000 salary is “fuck-you rich.” And compared to Google’s chief legal officer David Drummond’s $450,000 salary, it is.  But then you factor in his $1.38 million bonus, $3.29 million in stock and option awards and nearly $11.9 million by exercising options and stock awards, and, well, I guess his F.U. bark is a little bigger.  And why’s “Drummond” such a rich name anyway?  [ABA Journal]

Smoking is bad for your health.  But it can sometimes be good for your career.  Kirsten Gillibrand, who now occupies Hillary Clinton’s U.S. Senate seat, spent most of her career limiting the evidence the government could obtain about smoking heath tests while working at Davis Polk defending big tobacco.  That led to nearly $20,000 in campaign donations from tobacco executives.  And her former colleagues at Davis Polk have no problem throwing her under the bus for it for being the defense linchpin.  [The New York Times]

Again, can we please stop acting like getting paid by your law firm to not work at your law firm is such a bad thing?  [Time]

Madoff ain’t no saint, but maybe lawyers should have tapped into their fiduciary responsibility a little better.  Don’t think you have to be a good trustee?  Just ask Peter Madoff, Bernie’s brother, who’s being sued by a law student for an alleged breach of fiduciary duty for investing in his broseph’s Ponzi scheme.  []

Wayne Anthony Ross, “one of the last of the Teddy Roosevelt BullMooser’s,” who’s a former VP of the NRA, anti-abortion and been knighted by the Vatican was nominated by Gov. Palin to be Alaska’s new attorney general.  Oh, and he’s a republican.  Wasn’t sure if that needed mentioning.  [Anchorage Daily News]

Here’s something annoyingly cute: Law school is the perfect setting for novel writing!  []

This final link was sent via my mom with a note saying, “Do not laugh or make nasty remarks, it could happen to you.” I guess she means my non-existent ex-husband will be my only port in an economic storm.  But a cautionary tale nonetheless.  []

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  • Boston Anon

    I’m pretty sure you mean genital mutilation and not “gentile mutilation.” That’s something very different.

  • Bitterest Lawyer of 2008

    I would jump at the chance to get $60-75k a year working in a public interest law job while waiting for my big firm job.  Actually, I would take $60-75k a year at a public interest law job, period.