Bitter News, 3-3-09

Let’s (beat-in-the) face it—Rihanna’s staying with him.  Since she and The Bachelor would prefer you didn’t know they existed today, here are some other quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Firms are trimming the fat—but they’re still bulking up.  Some are playing it safe and watching costs, and others are seizing opportunities.  Blank Rome is opening a Los Angeles office, and K&L Gates is going overseas, which jumped them up the list of the Largest US Law Firms by Revenue.  [ |]

What’s cooler: The fact that 3/3/09 is officially Square Root Day, or the fact that Ruth Madoff is rich?  Her apartment and $62 million are apparently unrelated to the Bernie’s alleged fraud.  [Reuters]

The law is a service industry like any other.  And good service is hard to find.  Bitter Lawyer has told you ways to rate hookers and judges, but now a laid-off lawyer has started a site exclusively for rating Big Firm partners.  Who’s five-star, and who’s subpar?  [Am Law Daily]

Be a lawyer in 10 easy steps.  [College Crunch]

Russia’s one-time richest man is facing another trial for embezzlement, and his lawyers are demanding the removal any of the prosecution who took place in the first trial because they might want to win too badly.  [Associated Press]

America: Home of tumbling BigLaw profits, four figures of lawyer layoffs and the brave.  []