Bitter News, 3-9-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom with an overriding theme of ”Be like Chuck”:

Crazy to think it’s only been three months since Bernie Madoff was arrested for scamming his customers in the biggest Ponzi scheme in history.  At his scheduled arraignment March 12, Madoff is expected to plead guilty and fall into a deal—meaning he’ll cooperate to suss out any others involved.  And perhaps that’s why his wife is lawyer-ing up herself?  With a nickname like “repulsive sociopath Mrs. Motherfucker,” it’s not like she can really rely on public sympathy.  [Reuters]

Well, if it ain’t ain’t broke, fix it.  The Big Firm business model doesn’t have much to brag about lately, which is why some BigLaw alumni are now working the online circuit.  And with most virtual partners working from home, prepare for some fairly creepy summer programs.  [The Washington Post]

Since “Wall Street” and “bonuses” can’t share a sentence without irking most Americans who passionately want to reclaim them, the best man for the job might be a jailed lawyer.  [The Daily Beast]

A Bush Supreme Court may be a lot of things, but expectedly “pro-business” doesn’t seem to be one of them.  [The Washington Post]

Love and law school.  The two can intersect with regard to the Prop. 8 same-sex marriage issue, AND they can play a major factor in same-sex….organ donation.  A Baylor University Law School graduate donated a kidney to his co-worker and law school compatriot.  [Waco Tribune-Herald]

A man (likely related to Bill Dugan or Alex Hump) is standing trial for getting tail from wealthy, top-shelf European dames, and then he’d clean their clocks by blackmailing them.  [Telegraph]

Selling kids down the river for kickbacks?  Sweet, Judge.  []

“May it influence the court…” [JSOnline]

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