Bitter News, 4-13-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom as surprising as Hannah Montana:

BigLaw layoffs have now served over 10,000 customers.  The five-digit threshold has been crossed.  [Lawshucks]

Get all of your stupid f-ing lawyer jokes out of our system now because tomorrow is National Be Kind to Lawyers Day—or N.B.K.T.L.—when the all-lawyer lovefest gang bang commences.  [Fox Business]

Going from the lonely office to the Lonely Planet: A Skadden fifth-year is taking 12 months and $80K to go force her language on monks in serene Sri Lanka and to make the Himalayas work like a calculator.  She’s one of the few taking her employer up on the offer to not work for partial pay in an effort to save the Manhattan mega-firm save dough.  Finally someone not being lame about taking advantage of a modern perk the recession affords.  [The New York Times]

Justice Ginsburg is a movin’, shakin’, foreign law-talkin’, opera-lovin’ 76-year-old phenom.  Keep it up, RBG.  And watch your mouth, Paul D. Carrington.  [The New York Times]

It’s a blogger David and government-bailout Goliath story.  Goldman Sachs has decided it’s worth law firm billables for their attorneys to essentially publicize blogger Mike Morgan, who’s site they want shut down. really pisses the bank off.  [Telegraph]

Stress and debt apparently forced a Northern Ireland attorney to film a woman in a changing booth and get disbarred.  Voyeurism: The new cry for help.  [BBC News]

UVA Law is already getting out ahead of whatever unacceptable, “moronic” ranking they’re anticipating in the upcoming issue of U.S. News and World Report on April 23, which is “an important event for the publication, considering no one reads its news and no one in the world cares about what it has to report.” [Virginia Law Weekly]

Are you a public defender overwrought with clients you can’t devote enough time to?  Don’t be unethical.  Just follow these simple, comfortable steps.  It’s like reporting hazing at your fraternity.  []

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